Jimmy John’s: Freaky Fast Customer Service

Jimmy John’s is known for their sub sandwiches, but in a market with competitors like Subway, Pita Pit, Penn Station, and Jersey Mike’s it’s difficult to set yourself apart. One way Jimmy John’s accomplishes this is by advertising that their sandwiches are made “Freaky Fast.” I love Jimmy John sandwiches, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had my share a good and bad experiences. I’ve been to some locations where my sandwich is either already made before I even pay the cashier, and then I’ve been to some that have taken almost 45 minutes to be delivered to be home. When a brand is trying to portray an image, such as being Freaky Fast, it is important to stay consistent. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect and neither are companies. Consumers are notorious for posting on social media when they are unsatisfied. The introduction of social media allows consumers to reach a larger audience in only a matter of seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.45.13 PM

Jimmy John’s has taken the opportunity to use Twitter as a customer service platform. In reality, consumers are more likely to post about a company when there is a complaint compared to a complement. In the above tweet, you can see a customer post a standalone comment complaining about their sandwich taking over an hour to be delivered. The customer was also unsatisfied with his whole order due to his “watered down drinks” and receiving no straws. Jimmy John’s apologizes in less than 20 minutes and does an excellent job at personalizing the message by using the customer’s first name. This genuine response allows the person posting the complaint to have a personal connection to the company compared to a scripted response. As you can see from the reply, Jimmy John’s also uses a unique diction making it sound like it is Jimmy John himself adding a humanistic characteristic.  They also tell the customer to direct message them with his information in order to fix the problem.

Overall, Jimmy John’s has about a 70% response rate when it comes to replying to tweets to @jimmyjohns. They usually respond within 15 minutes of the original post. From every response I saw from Jimmy John’s, they were all personalized and even a little playful. They have a great interaction with their customers, and try to do whatever is necessary to make a negative experience positive. I am a huge fan of Jimmy John’s sandwiches; it’s reassuring to know that if I ever have a problem, they are more than willing to help me out.   


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