FitBit’s YouTube Channel is in Need of a Workout

The rise in popularity of health and fitness trends has allowed companies like FitBit to create products that help consumers to become proactive when it comes to healthy-living. In an earlier blog post, I discussed the successfulness of FitBit’s blog in appealing to their audience. Now, I want to focus on one of their visual platforms, YouTube. Just like their blog, it targets an audience consisting of both fitness enthusiasts and tech savvy consumers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.10.59 AM

FitBit’s YouTube username is FitBit Official Site, which in all honestly I thought was unusual. I was expecting the username to be a straightforward FitBit for ease. The homepage consist of a cover photo with their iconic blue and multiple pictures of their Flex model. They also have their new campaign “Find Your Fit” as a headliner. The account overall, is very well organized and separated into three different categories including FitMoves, Find Your Fit, and Products. FitMoves consists of 30 second videos that show quick workout moves to try at the gym, Find Your Fit are commercials that are harmonious with their campaign, and Products includes informational videos on their products. Products and Find Your Fit are doing an excellent job at looking visually appealing, but the same cannot be said for FitMoves. The videos within FitMoves are not very informative and poorly recorded. As someone who actually participates in strength training, I find it odd that the videos do not include modifications and explanations of proper form. The videos just show a man and/or a woman executing single workouts without any explanations. It is honestly just 30 seconds silence. Many celebrities use FitBit, so I think it would be in their best interest to use these resources and produce celebrity workout tutorials. Although all three categories appeal to their target audience, I would say that FitMove should be improved to be more informative.

FitBit’s YouTube account is not one of their strongest platforms. While they do have about 7,000 subscribers, their overall engagement is rather poor with an engagement rate of 0.03%. This low engagement rate can be explained because of their focus in their FitMoves category. This category is the least popular, but the most frequently updated. These videos are posted in spurts, meaning that many are downloaded at one time. The last 30 posts by FitBit is from FitMoves, which could be a determining factor to the low engagement rate. According to SimplyMeasured, the average rate for retail brands on Instagram is 4%.  FitBit’s YouTube account is nowhere near that average, after joining YouTube two years ago they have just recently become more engaged. This platform has the opportunity to generate more popularity and engagement in the future. When it comes to the other two categories, Find Your Fit and Products, there is an exponential increase in views, likes, and comments. Find Your Fit and Products are updated less frequently, but these two categories seem to be serving their audience due to their substantial amount of views.

YouTube is notorious for being a useful tool for finding tutorials, and that is exactly how FitBit is trying to engage their audience. By taking a direction towards fitness tutorials, FitBit is using YouTube as an engagement platform. Although the tutorials are poorly made, there are still many facets that they could improve upon. When it comes to their YouTube account, they are definitely taking a step in the right direction.


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