Jogging for Fitness? FitBits Blogging for Fitness

With the New Year in full swing, it’s not uncommon to see your local gym filled with people trying to keep up with their New Year’s resolution of staying fit and healthy. One product that has led the fitness trend within the last year is FitBit, a device designed to help people live healthier lives by tracking a person’s sleep patterns and activity levels.  FitBit originally went into the market targeting fitness enthusiasts, but with the increase in the use of smartphones and social media they decided to expand their market to consumers who are a little bit more tech savvy. FitBit is able to target this new market by creating products that allow consumers to track their progress through their smartphones. By being able to access your progress through a smartphone gives consumers a convenient way to track a healthier lifestyle.    

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FitBit has an outstanding media presence, which includes platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. FitBit also has a blog called, Small Steps. Big Impact. This blog is well-organized and can be easily found on the FitBit homepage (along with all the other platforms). The blog has a cohesive design with the FitBit website thanks to their iconic blue and overall layout. The blog is easy to navigate and includes the most recent blog post on the homepage. It also includes a catchy name that shows that FitBit not only helps individuals live a healthier lifestyle, but also shows that they take an interest in making an impact in our communities.

Small Steps. Big Impact. does an excellent job at catering to their audience by including posts that are both inspirational and informative about the world of fitness. The blog is filled with tips on how to be healthier and how FitBit is making a difference in our society. Although this is not a blog designed to specifically help solve customer problems, they do have an alternative website called FitBit Community that acts as a help desk. Unfortunately, you must have an account in order to access this service.

Small Steps. Big Impact. consists of different kinds of content and multiple categories. One thing that I found interesting is that they only have two authors, Leanna K. and Dani N. It would be interesting if they would incorporate guest authors onto their blog. In today’s world, working out and eating well-balanced meals was become increasingly popular (which it should have been along). If they were able to capitalize on guest authors, such as celebrities that happen to use FitBit, I feel as though they could increase their readership. FitBit does do an amazing job at keeping the blog updated regularly. It is regularly updated to the point where they have included multiple posts in one day. The posts are also recent enough to keep up with current updates such as charity events and challenges. It is apparent that FitBit has an understanding of their audience and contains blogs with categories such as Infographics, Videos, Challenges, Cause and Charity, Celebrities, Success Stories, Development, Events, Fitness and Exercise, General, Health Info, Mobile, Product Announcements, and Tid Bits from FitBit. The content on the posts include infographics that help communicate complex ideas and research in a fun visual way, videos that communicate messages in an inspirational way, tips that help current readers to choose a healthier lifestyle, and the list is endless. This wide array of categories and content allows many different audiences to choose what they enjoy best. It also has call-to actions which allow visitors to subscribe to the blog. On the right side panel, viewers can also “Follow” them on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, each blog post includes “Share” buttons from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Viewers even have the opportunity to email blog posts to friends and family. From the amount of shares, Facebook seems to be more popular compared to Twitter. In terms of comments on the post, within the blog itself there are not very many comments.

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Overall, Small Steps. Big Impact. is a blog that sparks the interest of their viewers by including interesting posts related to their readers interests. The blog posts are both inspirational and informative, allowing readers to get up and make healthy life-changing decisions. If you’re planning on changing your lifestyle for the better, this blog is definitely the place to be.

To visit the Small Steps. Big Impact. blog: For more information about FitBit visit:


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