Dawn Dish Soap Social Media Presence Analysis

P&G LinkedIn Page P&G Google+ Page Dawn Twitter Page Dawn Facebook Page

Dawn dish soap is known as one of Proctor & Gamble’s “Billion Dollar Brands.” Meaning within the segment of Fabric Care and Home Care, Dawn is one of P&G’s top sellers. With a brand as large as Dawn, it is no surprise that it would have its own social media marketing campaign. Dawn has platforms in four categories: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. The profile name for each platform is simply “Dawn”. Currently, Dawn does not have platforms with in LinkedIn or Google+. I feel as though it is not completely necessary to have platforms in both of these types of media because P&G as a whole has their own pages on these social media sites.

In general, the Dawn website is easy to navigate. All of their social media platforms can easily be found on the bottom of the home page. If P&G really wanted to grab consumer’s attention, it might be a better idea to move the social media icons to the top of the home page. In regards to using a search engine to find their social media pages, you must type “Dawn Dish Soap” in order to get an accurate search. When that is done, the only webpage that appears is their brand website and Pinterest link.

Unfortunately, their social channels are not regularly updated and lack activity. This is surprising because of how involved P&G is with their brand advertising for all their products. P&G advertises Dawn to a wide target audience, but the largest market would be women ages 24-44. These women are usually mothers, typically those who are stay-at-home moms. Dawn also began targeting people who support the environment by starting a campaign called, “Everyday Wildlife Champions.” This campaign “brings renewed relevance to an aging product,” stated by Silverstein in the article “Dawn Cleaning Up” (http://www.brandchannel.com/features_profile.asp?pr_id=463). This campaign has brought up sales within the last couple years, and is also one of the driving forces of Dawn’s YouTube channel. Some of their videos have reached millions of views, which is definitely one of their strongest forms of media. It also happens to be the most updated by Dawn out of all their other social media platforms. As for their Twitter and Facebook profiles, their strongest would be Facebook. In reality, both profiles lack activity and engagement.

Overall, I would say Dawn should keep up their involvement with wildlife conservation and continue to create videos that target consumers emotionally. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save an adorable duck from an oil spill?


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